Add To Unlock - Progress Bar
Create spend goals that will unlock rewards.

Add To Unlock Collection targeting will not work with AUTO collections!

Unlock Type:
Choose how you want the goals to be calculated.

Spend Goals
Amount in cart: Choose the target $ figure that will unlock the reward.
Product Quantity: Choose how many products need to be in the cart to unlock reward.

Unlock Rewards
Discount: Choose between a fixed or percentage based discount.
Free Shipping: You need to setup free shipping options in Shopify Admin
Learn how to setup free shipping rates here =>>
Manual: Create goals that you can reward yourself. The app will only display this reward it will not fullfil it.
Example: Free products, Gift Wrapping, Free Express Shipping

Multiple Rewards
Create multiple unlocks/rewards for customers as their cart size increases.

Note: Discount rewards do not stack on top of each other. The last discount unlocked will be rewarded at checkout.

Example Goal Spend $20 = Free shipping, $30 = 10% OFF, $40 Off 20%. | Customers cart has $50 in it. Reward at checkout will be Free shipping + 20% OFF

Reward communication will be displayed above progress bar.

You can also leave the text Goal blank if you would like to hide text.

Frequently Bought Together
Increase your average order value by suggesting products to add to cart and rewarding customers for unlocking certain cart goals.

Tip: Keep it simple. We suggest selecting products that are really easy to understand by looking at their pictures without having to research them.
This will increase the likelyhood of someone adding them.

Shopify Machine Learning
The quick and easy way to show complimentary products in cart.

Specific products: Select products that perfectly compliment products in your cart.
Shopify Recommendations: Let shopify's powerful machine learning suggest commonly purchased products or related collection products.

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