Draft checkout is not applicable to stores who installed after 19th April 2021

Checkout Settings:
Unfortunately Shopify has very limited functionality when it comes to creating discounts.

We have ways to get around these limitations.
To navigate Shopify’s limited discount functionalities we can use draft discounts. 

The not so good news
Each checkout setting has it's advantages and disadvantages

Draft Checkout VS Normal Shopify Checkout

Draft Checkout:
Shopify has created a functionality called draft orders. (This is the preferred checkout option for MonsterUpsells)
Draft orders replace the normal Shopify checkout with a more discount friendly checkout. This gives us the ability to create complex discount combinations.

Multi Currency
Multi currency will work on the cart.... however unfortunately draft checkout will always display your shopify store default currency. (Multi-currency checkout will not be compatible.)

Coupon & Discount Codes
Draft orders will not allow you to add coupon codes at the checkout. Customers must enter coupon codes within the Upsell Cart.
We recommend making the coupon code area very clear when Draft orders are turned on.
Note: Discount codes will replace any offer MonsterUpsells has created.

Multiple discounts
Draft checkout will allow you to run multiple discount campaigns together.

Normal Shopify Checkout:
When normal Shopify checkout is selected unique discount codes are auto injected into the Shopify checkout.

Multi Currency
When Shopify Multi-currency is turned on in Shopify settings your store will checkout with the customers Local Currency. (Powered by Shopify)

Coupon & Discount Codes
Coupon codes do not need to be entered through UpsellCart and can be entered in the normal Shopify checkout.
Note: Discount codes will replace any offer MonsterUpsells has created.

Multiple discounts
Unfortunately the normal Shopify checkout does not allow multiple discount options.

Campaign limitations
Buy more save more campaign type will not work
Campaign percentage (%) based goals will not work


How do i know if Multi-Currency is active on my Shopify store?
if you have turned on Shopify Multi-currency in Shopify payment settings and:
This banner appears - Multi-currency is not active
This banner does not appear - Multi-currency is active

How does UpsellCart handle discounts and coupons when Multi-currency is in use?
When both normal Shopify checkout and shopify multi-curency are turned on we use Shopify multi-currency to calculate coupons and cart display.
Example: {Add $10US to unlock 10% off} - can convert too {Add €8.47 to unlock 10% off}

For more information on Shopify multi currency visit: Shopify Article: Multi-currency

If you have any further questions please reach out to our team.
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