Draft checkout removed
Applicable for store users prior 19th April 2021
On 16th of May 2021 we removed the draft checkout options to ensure the best user experience for stores and their customers.

My campaign is no longer delivering
Unfortunately some older campaigns are not compatible with the new update.
The good news... it's easy to update them. All you need to do is edit the campaign and click save.

You may need to update campaign settings so they are compatible with Shopify native checkout. (See Campaign Type Updates)

What was draft checkout?
Draft checkout is how many Upsell Shopify apps add discounts to checkout.
Instead of the normal Shopify checkout page it shows you a draft checkout page.

Limitations of draft checkout and why we removed it.
No Multi-currency checkout. (Customers will checkout with your store default currency)
No coupon/discount codes on checkout page.
Limited shipping options

Things you may want to know...
All discounts are now calculated and injected into the checkout page via an encrypted coupon code.
Customers can't combine MonsterUpsells discount codes and their own discount codes.
Some options have been removed or changed in this update. (Buy more save more all products targeting, Add to Unlock - MonsterUpsells shipping options.)

Campaign Type Updates:

Add To Unlock - Free shipping option manual only
Free shipping must now be handled by stores Shopify settings.
Previously our draft checkout could handle free shipping but with new native checkout you will need to set this up yourself and the cart draw will communicate when customers have hit the shipping goals.
Click here for shipping setup article

Buy More Save More - Not working with all products targeting.
Unfortunately we had to limit the Buy More Save More campaign to only specific and collection targeting.
This makes sure the app is running at its fastest.

One Tick Upsell - Virtual Product Discontinued
Virtual product is not compatible with Shopify native checkout. You can still use this campaign however you may need to hide it from your collections, search and store.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to the team at support@monsterapps.shop
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