Can customers use discount codes with the cart?
Customers can enter their own discount code within the cart or at checkout however they are not compatible with cart upsell offers.
Therefore when a customer enters a discount code within the cart or at the checkout it will override any discount offers they may have unlocked.

Why do Campaigns disappear when a coupon code is entered?
We currently don't allow stacking upsell offers with discount codes. (We are planning to add this functionality in the future.)

The following is applicable to all stores that installed before 19th April 2021

Before 19th April 2021 discount codes were handled differently depending on your stores checkout settings. (Draft Checkout/Normal Shopify Checkout)
Click here to learn more about old checkout settings.

Draft Checkout
All coupon codes need to be entered within our UpsellCart.

MonsterUpsells will collect the discount code information from Shopify and manually Calculate discounts and charge amounts for the draft checkout.
Customers will not be able to enter coupons/discount codes at the checkout. This is a limit Shopify has created for Drafts.

Normal Shopify Checkout
You can enter coupon/discount codes in both the Shopify checkout and the Upsell Cart.

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