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How are charges calculated?

Pricing is based on the total orders your store processes in a 30-day billing cycle
This resets every billing cycle and applies whether or not MonsterUpsells has been enabled on your store.

We charge by orders rather than upsells because MonsterUpsells not only has been designed to increase order values but also optimized to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates.

Example: if you have 140 total store orders this billing period you will be charged $14.99.

Why have I got multiple charges in a month?

We use Shopify's scaling approach to charging.
Basically every month you are charged the base price $7.99 and then incremental amounts as you reach higher order amounts.
The great thing about this type of charging is it scales with your store.
Sell less = pay less. Sell more = pay more.

Example: You have 250 orders in a month. You will be charged $7.99 at the start of the billing cycle. Then new charges will be made when you cross 51 orders = $7 and 201 orders = $15. Total value being $29.99 for the month.

I've been charged more than once for the same plan in a month.

Normally this happens when Shopify has pushed a charge from the previous month to the next month. You need to look at your subscription over a few months to understand the charges not just the current month report.

10-day free trial.

Yep you read that correctly! You could earn $1M from our app and pay nothing!
After those 10 days, pricing plans start at $7.99/month and increase incrementally based on sales volume (up to $49.99 for stores that process over 500 orders/month).

Canceling your trial and subscription.

Simply delete the app from the Apps section of your Shopify admin before the 10-day trial ends and you won't be charged.
Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Old Pricing Before - March 4th 2021
Price Capped at $49.99 = 501+ orders
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