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Hiding Products from Auto Collections

Can you hide products from auto collections? Absolutely! This is done using Vendor exclusions.

How to do it:
Assign a Vendor Name: First, add a vendor name to the product you want to hide. For example, the shipping protection product automatically uses "Monster-ShipProtect" as the vendor name. Check out this screenshot for reference:

Vendor Name Screenshot

Exclude the Vendor: Next, exclude this vendor from specific auto-generated collections. Here’s how it looks in action:

Exclude Vendor Screenshot

Once you apply this conditional logic, the products will no longer show up in those collections.

Can you hide products from the search bar? Yes, this is possible by using metafields.

Here's how:
Watch the Tutorial: You can follow this video guide or proceed with the steps below.

Video Tutorial

Setting Up in Shopify:

Navigate to Shopify Settings > Metafields > Products > Add Definition.
- Create a definition with these settings:
- Name: Choose as you prefer (e.g., Hide Product)
- Namespace and key: seo.hidden
- Description: Optional
- Type: Number (Integer)
- Validation: Leave minimum and maximum blank
- Click Save.

Metafield Setup Screenshot

Apply to Products:
- Go to the products you want to hide within Shopify.
- Scroll down and enter 1 in the field.
- Save your changes.

Product Hide Screenshot

Finalize: Wait a few minutes, then refresh your website. Your product should now be invisible in the search.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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