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How ShipProtect Product Works

When you activate ShipProtect on your Shopify store, it automatically creates a "Shipping Protection" product in your store's catalog. This product is added to customer orders if they choose shipping protection at checkout. The cost of this protection is based on the pricing settings you select within the ShipProtect app in Shopify.

You have the flexibility to change the display image of the "Shipping Protection" product in your Shopify store to enhance the checkout experience for your customers.

ShipProtect offers two pricing models: Percentage and Fixed.

How percentage works:

This option creates a "Shipping Protection" product in Shopify with 100 price variants, increasing by the increments you set in ShipProtect. Depending on the total cart value, ShipProtect will select the variant closest to the calculated protection cost (rounded up or down).

For instance, if you set the increment to $5 with a minimum charge of $2, and a customer's cart total is $100 with a 5% insurance rate, the insurance cost would be $5. However, the nearest variant would be set at $7 to fit the available increments.

Tip: To match the exact desired charge (e.g., $5 in this example), you can adjust the increment to $1.

Limitation: Due to Shopify's limit of 100 variants per product, the maximum insurance charge is capped at 100 times the increment value.


How fixed works:

With the fixed pricing model, ShipProtect creates a Shopify product for shipping protection with a static price. This means every customer opting for shipping protection will pay the same fixed amount, regardless of their order value.


Updated on: 27/03/2024

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