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Add To Unlock - Frequently Bought Together (Campaign) Free Shipping, Free Gift, Discount

Add To Unlock + Frequently Bought Together

Enhance your customers' shopping experience by offering rewards (like Free Shipping or Discounts) when they hit purchase goals, and suggest products to add to their cart.

Add To Unlock - Progress Bar

Create spend goals to unlock rewards for your customers.

Add To Unlock Collection targeting does not work with AUTO collections.
Note: This campaign works sitewide, counting every additional product added to cart towards unlock goals.

Unlock Type:
Choose your preferred method for calculating goals.

Spend Goals
- Amount in cart: Set a target $ amount to unlock the reward. Learn about Multi-currency setup here.
- Product Quantity: Set a target number of products in the cart to unlock the reward.
Note: We recommend using amount goals as this is a sitewide offer.

Unlock Rewards
- πŸ’Έ Discount: Choose a fixed or percentage-based discount.
- 🚚 Free Shipping: Set up free shipping options in Shopify Admin. Free shipping setup guide.
- 🎁 Free Gift: Reward customers with a free gift. Free Gift Setup Tutorial.
- βš™οΈ Manual: Create custom rewards. The app displays the reward but does not fulfill it.

Multiple Rewards
Offer multiple rewards as the cart size increases.
Note: Discounts don’t stack. The highest discount applies at checkout.

Reward communication is displayed above the progress bar. You can leave the text Goal blank to hide the text.

Frequently Bought Together

Boost average order value by suggesting add-on products and rewarding customers for meeting cart goals.
Tip: Choose easily understandable products to increase the likelihood of adding them.

Specific Products: Select complementary products for your cart.
Shopify Recommendations: Use Shopify's machine learning for product suggestions.

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Updated on: 19/03/2024

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