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How do I quickly turn MonsterUpsells cart off/on?
There is a button at the top of the settings page that will take you to your theme editor.
You will need to click on app embedd, untoggle monsterapps, and hit save.

What happens if MonsterUpsells Cart doesn’t load?
Your normal cart will be activated and customers will still be able to checkout seamlessly.

Will my UpsellCart show if there are no campaigns created?
Yes. If your upsell cart is on it will show even if there is no campaigns running.

Can i run multiple campaigns on the same cart?
Multiple campaigns can run on the cart at the same time but only 1 campaign (type) at a time.

For example: If 2 X Add To Unlock campaigns are running only 1 will show.
To learn more about campaign targeting and multi campaign rules visit >> Campaign Rules and Targeting

How are Upsells Calculated and Recorded?
This works a little different for each campaign type.
Click here >> to learn more about analytics

Add To Unlock: (Progress Bar Turned On)
Add to unlock uses an assisted revenue revenue model.
As soon as an add to unlock campaign has been triggered every additional product added to cart is considered an Upsell.
(This includes suggested products in cart and products that are not in the cart.)
Buy More Save More:
When campaign is triggered every additional product that increase quantity of trigger product is considered an Upsell.
One Tick Upsell:
If a customer accepts a one tick upsell offer the entire product is classed as an Upsell

How does UpsellCart handle discounts and coupons when Multi-currency is in use?
We are only compatible with Shopify Markets multi-currency.
You can setup Unlock goals that work perfectly with markets.
>> Click to Learn more

How do I cancel my subscription?
Uninstall the app, it's better to disable the custom cart before uninstalling.

Do you make changes to my store code?
Yes. To learn more visit >> Uninstall Instructions

Why are my heat-map/screen recording tools (example: hotjar, crazy egg) not showing the correct shopping cart?
We are trying to find a workaround for this, however for now these tools may not import the correct css. Rest assured your cart is displayed perfectly for your customers.

Does the MonsterUpsells work with dynamic checkout buttons?
No, it doesn't. You will need to deactivate these if you want to use the UpsellCart.

Can customers still checkout with alternate payment methods?
Yes they can. When they enter the checkout they will be given the option for alternate payment methods. (Paypal, Shop Pay ect.)

When will there be more updates?
Our goal is to be the only upsell app you will ever need!
We have already started working on new updates you are going to love and are planning to send updates live monthly! (Feel free to email us feature suggestions.)

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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