A Tick box that adds a little extra $ to carts

Add a little extra product to every cart with one click.

Here is our full setup guide with all best practise suggestions.

Priority processing - We'll bump your order up to the front of the que. Make sure you get your order 1st!
Gift Wrapping - One of our team, will carefully wrap your items individually to make your (someone special) ... feels special!
Warranty - We will cover any manufacturing faults for an extra 2 years!
Batteries - Any of your products need batteries?

Tip: Keep it simple. Try not to price one tick products for more than $5.
Make sure you can actually fulfil your product. Don't make empty promises.

Adding Images:
For now you can not add product images to one tick upsell. We are working on a feature for this soon.

One tickupsell will only display one variant and will automatically choose the first variant of a product.

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