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Pricing and Billing Charges

Your membership kicks off with a 10-day free trial on us! 🎉

Post-trial, our pricing begins at $12.99/month, adjusting based on your total monthly orders, up to $134.99 for over 3,000 orders per cycle.

It's extremely RARE that the app hasn't paid for itself within the first few days. 🥰

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How does Monster Cart Upsells pricing work?

Our pricing adapts to your store's total orders during your 30-day app billing cycle.
This count resets each cycle, regardless of whether Monster Cart Upsells Upsells is active in your store.

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We charge by store orders, not upsells. Why? Because MonsterUpsells boosts both order values and enhances user experience, driving up conversion rates.

Example: If your store has 140 orders in a cycle, your charge will be $21.99.

Why Multiple Charges in a Month?

Shopify Billing handles all MonsterUpsells charges, which appear on your regular Shopify bill. We use both Subscription and App Usage charges.
Each month includes a base subscription fee of $12.99, plus incremental usage charges for higher order volumes. It's a scale that grows with your store's success!

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Example: 250 orders a month? You pay $12.99 initially, then $9 after 51 orders, and $15 after 201 orders. Total for the month: $36.99.

Why Am I Charged More Than Once for the Same Plan?

This usually happens when Shopify rolls an App Usage charge from one month to the next.

Understanding your charges requires looking at a few months' worth of subscriptions, not just the current month.

🔍 Understand Shopify's Billing Charges Here

How to Cancel Your Trial and Subscription

To avoid charges, just remove the app from your Shopify admin before the trial's 10th day ends.
Got questions? We're here to help!

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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