Gift With Purchase is an unlock reward within add to unlock.
It ads a product to the cart when a cart goal is met.

Here is a Tutorial of how to build a free gift campaign from scratch:

How do I create a Free Gift?
MonsterUpsells does not create free gifts for you or discount existing products.
You need to create Free Gifts within Shopify and hide them from your store collections and any other channel/app they may appear on.
You will change the product type to: free_gift

Why free gift isn't appearing in MonsterUpsells?
Here are possible solutions:
- Refresh page (reloads the products into MonsterUpsells)
- Make sure the product type is - free_gift (watch tutorial above)

What does the product type do?
- Tells MonsterUpsells this is a free product.
- Redirects anyone who visits the product page to the home page to stop people from purchasing.
- Removes product from checkout when it doesn't meet unlock requirements.

Reach out to the team if you need any more help. 😊
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