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Sitewide Sales

Why use Shopify auto discounts?

This is the best practice and easiest way to run a site wide sale with discounts.

How to display a Shopify Auto Discounts on the cart?

We recommend using an add to unlock campaign to display the discount.
You can choose 'manual' as the reward within the campaign.
Then add the $ requirement to unlock the offer.

Please note: This method will only work perfectly if the offer is sitewide.

Is MonsterUpsells compatible with Shopify Auto Discounts?

Yes! All shopify auto discounts will auto override any monsterupsell offers.

Can MonsterUpsells override a Shopify auto discount?

MonsterUpsells has no ability to override Shopify auto discounts.

Example: 10% off Add to unlock campaign is active on all products. $5 Shopify auto discount is active on all products. $5 auto discount will override MonsterUpsells 10% off at checkout.

Can customers still use giftcards?

Yes! Shopify Gift cards still work with Shopify auto discounts.

Can customers still use discount codes with Shopify auto discounts?

No. Auto discounts disable the ability for adding discount codes at checkout.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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